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Ryedale School is committed to combining the very best educational provision with high expectations and traditional values. In doing so we challenge and support students both to fulfil their academic potential and become exemplary young people of whom we can all be proud.This unites us in our commitment to ‘Aspire and Achieve’

Our students are given every opportunity to engage in new and fulfilling experiences, from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to the range of trips available during Enrichment Days, there is so much on offer to challenge and inspire our students.Musical performances take place throughout the year, with opportunities for parents and the local community to see our students perform to an exceptional standard.The wide variety of extra-curricular activities complements our engaging and inspirational curriculum perfectly.Sport is an integral part of our school life. Students have access to over 90 clubs and house matches across the school year.We believe that knowledge changes the way we see the world. It is our duty and privilege to show our students the best that has ever been thought, said, made, played and discovered.Our exceptional curriculum identifies invaluable knowledge, skills and big ideas in each subject area.We instil in our students a desire to improve their performance, to broaden their horizons and to think independently.High expectations and traditional values are hallmarks of our school.



 Ryedale School has become a partnership school with InvestIN.

InvestIN has relationships with more than 2,000 schools across 72 countries. These schools demonstrate a true commitment to bridging the gap between school and industry.

InvestIN is a London-based organisation led by a group of experienced professionals from some of the world’s most competitive careers. InvestIN provide students with an immersive experience of their dream career before they start University, so they can get a head-start over their competition.

There are a vast range of programmes and courses that Year 11 students may be interested in attending, in order to plan for their career with greater clarity. These programmes can be found on InvestIN.

All Ryedale School students can get a 10% discount on these courses by using the code RYEDALE20.

There are also some bursaries available for qualifying students, of which Mr C Rodd can provide further guidance.

Here at Ryedale School, you will be required to choose your GCSE options in year 8. You will study your GCSE courses for three years, between year 9 and 11.
It is important that you choose GCSE courses that you enjoy. In addition, you should think about your future and how your choices might impact your future studies and/or career.

The following links might be useful in helping you with your choices.

Success at school is a website that provides an overview of GCSE subjects and how they link to future careers.

The consumer rights and review organisation, Which? also offer guidance excellent advice about how GCSE choice affects university applications.

Year 10 Routes Post-16 and Work Experience Launch Evening

The format of the evening will involve a presentation in the school hall by Miss Wallis and Mr Pepper about potential post-16 pathways and the organisation of Year 10 Work Experience.

The purpose of the evening is two-fold: firstly, to encourage Year 10 students to start to think about their post-16 choices. This may seem premature given they are only just embarking upon their GCSE courses, but by September of Year 11, some students will have already begun the post-16 application process, and I would like students to start investigating their options now.

Secondly, NYBEP will provide you with important information about sourcing and organising a work experience placement, how to prepare for work experience, what is expected from students during the work experience week, and what the benefits of taking part in work experience are. Ryedale School’s work experience programme is overseen by Miss Wentworth, who will be available at the end of the presentation to answer queries you may have.

Following the formal presentation there will be a careers fair held in the Drama Studio and Dining Hall. A wide range of local providers will be available to talk to in order to begin the process of thinking about life beyond Ryedale. This will include 6th form providers of A-Level, BTEC and NVQ qualifications, universities, apprenticeship providers and employers.

Work experience takes place in the summer term of year 10, and the start of GCSE examinations is only slightly further away. During this time important, informed decisions have to be made about the future.

This event is designed to support students to make ambitious, yet sensible and well-informed choices, and we hope that you are able to attend.

NYBEP database of previously used work experience employers

You may like to use the following to start thinking about your work experience programme. This information will be given to you in your work experience pack during the work experience launch evening.


Username & Password: Ryedale2018

1. Login using the username and password given to you by your school Work Experience
Co-ordinator – DO NOT change your password

2. Click the Blue arrow to begin your search

3. If you know the name of the employer you are interested in, spell the first four or five letters of the employer’s name and go straight to the ‘Postcode’ box, add the first part e.g. YO18, YO18, YO62, or Town/City/Village in the relevant box. If you do not know where you want to go yet, leave the employer’s details blank and go to the ‘Category’

4. Select a ‘Category’, now complete the first part of your home postcode (as above). Next to this select ‘any’ from the mileage drop down box. Do not tick any of the boxes below this as it will reduce the number of results that you get. At the very bottom select your work experience dates.

5. You should now see a list of employers in your area. You can hover the mouse over the ‘Job Title’ to read more about the role.

6. If you are interested, click on the ‘Job Title’ to read more about the job, the working hours, the location, contact name and details, etc.

7. Make a note of all placements that you are interested in and prepare some notes as to how you will approach the employer. Think about: how you will introduce yourself, why you are interested, what you are studying, etc.… be confident.

8. Employers on the NYBEP database have previously offered placements to students, this DOES NOT mean that they will automatically do so again. If you would like some advice before contacting employers please see your Tutor/School Co-ordinator, but remember… do not delay, as placements will go!

9. Contact the employer in person, by telephone or email. Remember to introduce yourself and tell them which school you attend, be clear about your work experience dates, why you would like the opportunity for a placement and do confirm with the employer that it is on a voluntary basis. PLEASE NOTE – Employer details and contacts may have changed since they last offered a placement.

10. Don’t forget – you can approach ANY employer – they do not have to be pre-registered on the NYBEP database.

11. Once you have an offer of a placement… you must then arrange a convenient time to meet with them to get the Agreement/Consent Form completed. This form must be signed by you, the employer, your parent/carer (it is particularly important that the Employers Liability Insurance section is completed) – placements WILL NOT be able to go ahead without this.

Good Luck!!

When you leave us at the end of year 11, you will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. There are a number of pathways that you could take. Please visit the UCAS website, or this document, to view a useful guide to what options you have after leaving Ryedale School. 

When you leave us at the end of year 11, you will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. You may choose to study A Levels at a college or sixth form.

The following links provide a wealth of information around A Levels as a post-16 pathway;

UCAS Website

Information from the Russell Group (a collection of world-leading research universities, based in the UK)

Advice from the Which? website.

Important note: This route does not currently exist, but will launch in 2020, and so is a viable route for some of the younger students in the school.

When you leave us at the end of year 11, you will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. You may choose to study T Levels with a local provider. T Levels are relatively new and further information can be gained from local providers. Please note that the first of the new qualifications, with content developed by leading industry professionals from companies including Rolls Royce, Fuijitsu and EDF, will be taught from 2020, with the full set of T levels introduced by 2022.

The following links provide a wealth of information around T Levels as a post-16 pathway;

BBC website

Government website

When you leave us at the end of year 11, you will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. You may choose an apprenticeship route.

The following links provide a wealth of information around apprenticeships:

Both the government and Success at School give guidance on the different types of apprenticeship that are available, and how to apply for them:

The government, Career Map, and Get My First Job offer a search function to enable you to find apprenticeships that match your interest. Derwent Training also helps young people find apprenticeships

When you leave us at the end of year 11, you will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. You may choose to study a vocational style course at a college or sixth form.

The UCAS website provides a wealth of information around A Levels as a post-16 pathway.

You may also like to look at the vocational courses on offer at some of our local colleges, for example York College and Scarborough TEC.

 When you leave us at the end of year 11, you will be required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. You may choose to pursue a career with the Armed Forces. The links below are great place to start to gain further information;


Army Foundation College- Harrogate

Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

Royal Marines

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College

Ministry of Defence

In addition, if you would like to be put in touch with a link from the Armed Forces, please speak to Miss Wallis, who can set this up for you.

List of Local Post-16 Providers


Phone number

Lady Lumley’s School and Sixth Form


01751 472846

Malton School and Sixth Form


01653 692828

Norton College


01653 693296

Ampleforth College


01439 766000

Scarborough Sixth Form


01723 365023

Middlesbrough College


01642 333333

York College


01904 770200

Askham Bryan


01904 772277

Bishop Burton College


01964 553000

Scarborough College


01723 360620

St Peters School


01904 527300

Scarborough TEC


01723 372105

Queen Ethelburga’s


01423 333300

Queen Margaret’s, York


01904 727600

The Mount, York


01904 667500

Harrogate Grammar School


01423 531127

Ripon Grammar School


01765 602647

St Aidan’s and John Fisher


01423 818516

Bootham School


01904 623261

All Saints, York


01904 647877

Fulford Sixth Form


01904 633300

Huntington School


01904 752100

Joseph Rowntree School


01904 552100

Archbishop Holgate’s


01904 411341

Easingwold School and Sixth Form


01347 821451

Army Foundation College, Harrogate


0345 6008080

Derwent Training Association


01653 697698

Government Apprenticeship Adverts



Please contact Miss Wallis on dwallis@ryedale.n-yorks.sch.uk if you would like your organisation to be listed here.

At Ryedale School all KS4 students will receive a 1:1 careers meeting with a fully qualified careers advisor from Prospects.

Miss Wallis will coordinate this programme, ensuring that all students attend at least one meeting. Students and/or parents/carers can request to continue these meetings if it is felt necessary and beneficial.

All 1:1 meetings take place in a school conference room, and parents/carers are welcome to attend too if they wish.

Miss Wallis will continue to collect up-to date information around your post-16 choices and career vision, which will help our career advisors to tailor their meetings to fully benefit each individual student.

Perhaps you are thinking about going to University to further your studies. The following links are a good starting point for you to look at what university life might be like. Furthermore, you can visit individual university websites and campuses to get more information about the courses that they offer.

The UCAS website is a great source of information when thinking about applying for an undergraduate course at university. It also provides some great information about 16-18 choices.

The Which? website and Success at School website provides further advice.

In addition to the 1:1 career meetings, we also offer lunchtime drop in sessions to all KS4 students who would like to call in regarding any issue around careers.

You might want to call in and ask about a specific career, you might want more information about the army or you might want to ask for a university recommendation. All questions and issues are welcomed, and we will work hard to find you the right information.

Please come along. No question is too small or too large!

Recent questions raised have been around year 11 taster days, we have also looked into the following career paths for individual students- a career in Law, a career in the Army and a career as a Commercial Pilot. In addition we have provided support for some students around searching for and applying for an apprenticeship.

So whatever you question please come along to C7/the dining area at lunch time to see Miss Wallis and/or Miss Wentworth if you have any questions. See you there!

Careers websites and further information for students

You are encouraged to take responsibility for your future choices and to start reaching and planning your future. You should think about the following;

  • Self-Awareness- where am I now?

  • Career exploration- where do I want to be?

  • Career management- how do I get there?

You should use a range of websites to develop your knowledge and understanding of your post-16/career pathway. Use the links below to help with your research;

General Careers Advice




















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