Ryedale School

Ryedale School is committed to combining the very best educational provision with high expectations and traditional values. In doing so we challenge and support students both to fulfil their academic potential and become exemplary young people of whom we can all be proud.This unites us in our commitment to ‘Aspire and Achieve’

Our students are given every opportunity to engage in new and fulfilling experiences, from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to the range of trips available during Enrichment Days, there is so much on offer to challenge and inspire our students.Musical performances take place throughout the year, with opportunities for parents and the local community to see our students perform to an exceptional standard.The wide variety of extra-curricular activities complements our engaging and inspirational curriculum perfectly.Sport is an integral part of our school life. Students have access to over 90 clubs and house matches across the school year.We believe that knowledge changes the way we see the world. It is our duty and privilege to show our students the best that has ever been thought, said, made, played and discovered.Our exceptional curriculum identifies invaluable knowledge, skills and big ideas in each subject area.We instil in our students a desire to improve their performance, to broaden their horizons and to think independently.High expectations and traditional values are hallmarks of our school.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

We are passionate about teaching and learning. We use the latest research and evidence to inform our comprehensive staff development programmes, ensuring that teaching and learning are consistently great. Our passionate team of subject specialists are committed to providing the very best lessons for our young people.

Great Teaching at Ryedale School

We assess learning in lessons.

We constantly look for proof of learning. Pupils’ understanding is systematically and effectively checked throughout the lesson; we anticipate where we may need to intervene/ adapt. We are clear about students’ learning and understanding and responds to this.

Questioning is used as part of in lesson assessment to check understanding and securely assess student progress.

We ensure students plan, monitor and evaluate their learning.

Self-regulation strategies are understood by teachers and communicated effectively to students.

Teachers model these strategies in their teaching and students are given opportunities to implement and develop them.

We use data to inform our planning.

Lesson planning is informed by current data, prior performance data and SEN or Disadvantaged status. Planning is astute and appropriate for each student in the room; enabling all learners to progress. Gaps in knowledge and understanding and slow progress are addressed through planning. Planning also enables students to make better than expected progress.

We give high quality verbal and written feedback.

Our high quality verbal and written feedback is frequent and regularly provides students with very clear guidance on how to progress. It has an impact on student progress.

We support students’ memory for learning.

Learning is deep and mastery is encouraged. Students memory for learning is developed and their knowledge is building over time. They retain what they have learned and can recall information.

We challenge students and have high aspirations.

We have consistently high expectations. Well planned lessons enable each student to learn exceptionally well. All students, regardless of starting point are challenged and as a result make excellent progress.

We have in depth and up to date knowledge of our subject and subject specific pedagogy.

Our subject knowledge is expert. This is evident through the quality of our explanations, the specificity of questions, effective planning and the knowledge imparted in the lesson.

Our explanations are clear and help students learn.

We explain tasks, instructions, skills and content with clarity and precision. Our questions are well considered and clearly phrased so that student learning is both assessed and developed.

Clearly phrased questions support and challenge learners. Targeted questioning is highly effective in developing students’ knowledge and understanding and moving the learning forward.

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