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Ryedale School is committed to combining the very best educational provision with high expectations and traditional values. In doing so we challenge and support students both to fulfil their academic potential and become exemplary young people of whom we can all be proud.This unites us in our commitment to ‘Aspire and Achieve’

Ryedale School is committed to combining the very best educational provision with high expectations and traditional values.The Ryedale Values of Honesty, Kindness and Respect are woven into the fabric of our community.A creative and inclusive atmosphere in which individual talents are nurtured and allowed to flourish. We believe in providing the right blend of challenge and support to enable all learners to maximise their potential in every aspect of school life.Thriving art, music and technology departments have a huge impact on the life of the school, creating exciting opportunities both inside the classroom and as extra-curricular experiences.

Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council plays a key role in life at Ryedale School. They are the mouthpiece of the student body and give us the student perspective on a wide range of issues. The Student Council is a democratically elected body made up of one representative from each of the tutor groups.

The Student Council regularly collects and offers ideas and suggestions from the tutor groups on a range of whole school issues. For example:

  • school catering
  • school transport
  • school facilities


The Student Council is also divided into committees which are led by our Year 11 Ambassadors:


Teaching and Learning Committee:

They work with Mr Hopkins and Miss Wallis to support the development of teaching and learning at Ryedale. They support the school by giving our views about what works for the students and how our learning can be even better. This might be by conducting student voice surveys, suggesting new activities and topics or by helping evaluate new and innovative ideas that are introduced in school.


Charities Committee:

We will be leading on the work which the school will vote on, as to which charities we will support as a school. We will be working with Miss Wallis to plan interesting and fun ways that we can get the whole school involved so that we can raise money or collect goods for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.


Equalities Committee:

Working with a range of staff, this committee are at the forefront of promoting and raising awareness around a range of key dates and events that help to promote equality across the communities that we live in. Examples might include LGBT History month, mental health awareness week and International Women’s Day. They work with Mr Hopkins to make links with students and Student Councils in other schools to find out what it is like to be a student in a school that is different to Ryedale. We will also be thinking about how Ryedale School students can be more involved in our local community and extend the work that is already in place at Ryedale School, around links with other cultures and communities.


Mental Wellbeing Committee

This group works with Dr Williams to discuss ways we can further support the positive wellbeing of all members of our school community. The group supports with assemblies

We also have Student Ambassadors for Sustainability and Environmental Action.

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