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Ryedale School is committed to combining the very best educational provision with high expectations and traditional values. In doing so we challenge and support students both to fulfil their academic potential and become exemplary young people of whom we can all be proud.This unites us in our commitment to ‘Aspire and Achieve’

Ryedale School is committed to combining the very best educational provision with high expectations and traditional values.The Ryedale Values of Honesty, Kindness and Respect are woven into the fabric of our community.A creative and inclusive atmosphere in which individual talents are nurtured and allowed to flourish. We believe in providing the right blend of challenge and support to enable all learners to maximise their potential in every aspect of school life.Thriving art, music and technology departments have a huge impact on the life of the school, creating exciting opportunities both inside the classroom and as extra-curricular experiences.

3G Funding Appeal

Ryedale School- 3G Funding Appeal

A Game Changer for the School and Community


Ryedale School is a wonderful school, but we are not currently able to offer the high level of sports facilities that we would like. It is a long-held ambition of the school to develop our outdoor facilities and specifically to install a floodlit 3G playing surface on the school site.

 As part of the Ryedale Learning Trust, we are now in talks with the Football Association and Football Foundation about constructing an all-weather 3G pitch (planning permission has already been granted). The £750K facility would provide year-round playing surface for both football and rugby (as well as being a FIFA approved full size football pitch, the 3G surface will have a rugby shock pad to allow it to be used for rugby training). If built, it will be used to enhance the school’s sporting and physical activity provision during school hours, and offered to grassroots clubs and the local community during school holidays, evenings and weekends. Income generated from the use of the pitch will be ring-fenced to support its maintenance, improve other sports facilities at the school, and to form a fund to renew the surface when it needs replacing (approximately every 10 years).

 We are delighted that the Football Foundation have indicated that they will support the project with a grant of up to £500,000. The school has allocated £50,000 to the project. Therefore, we will require financial support of approximately £200,000 from charitable foundations, local businesses and the community in terms of match funding to be able to deliver this project- a game changer for our students, our local grassroots teams and the wider community.


The preferred timeline for the development of the facility is:

  • July 2022 - Funding appeal launched
  • August/September 2022 - Charitable Funding applications
  • January 2023 - Funding appeal closes & results of Funding applications known
  • January 2023 - Application to Football Foundation
  • April 2023 - Football Foundation confirmation of grant
  • July 2023 - Building work commences
  • September 2023 - Facility opens to school and the community.


In order to make the facility available to the school and community next year, we need to submit the application to the Football Foundation in January 2023. However, before doing so we must be in a position to confirm that we have raised the necessary match funding of approximately £200,000. This timeline is extremely ambitious and we need your support to achieve it.

If you, like us, believe in this project, and you would like to support with our 3G fundraising appeal, please use this link Ryedale School 3G Funding Appeal to donate. Please click the box for gift aid (if you are a UK tax payer) so that we can claim an extra 25% on anything you donate. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help us achieve this long-held ambition, which will be of huge benefit, not just to the school, but to the local community for many years to come. This is truly a Pitch for our Future!

If you work for, or know of a local business who you think may be interested in supporting this project, please get in touch with us directly or make them aware of the ‘Ryedale School 3G Supporter Club’ that we are also running- details below.

 If you have any questions, or would like to know more about how you could potentially support this project, please contact Mark McCandless, CEO Ryedale Learning Trust, who is leading on this project on behalf of Ryedale School. Email 3G@ryedale-rlt.co.uk or call 01439 77261



Ryedale School- 3G Supporter Club

A Game Changer for the School and Community


From early discussions with potential supporters, alongside our fundraising page Ryedale School 3G Funding Appeal we are going to have a ‘Ryedale School- 3G Supporter Club’. Any business, company, family or individual who supports this project to the sum of a £1000 or more, will, if they wish, have their name on the ‘Ryedale School- 3G Supporter Club’ board which will be displayed on the 3G facility for 10 years from its opening, and in all promotional materials for the 3G facility.

 For more information on the ‘Ryedale School- 3G Supporter Club’, please email 3G@ryedale-rlt.co.uk or call 01439 77261


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